The Bible Translator's Assistant Inc. is a faith based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We're a group of computational linguists and Bible exegetes who have developed software which enables missionaries and linguists to translate the entire Bible into a new language in a fraction of the time required by manual translation. We believe that every person deserves to have the entire Bible in the language that he or she understands best. Imagine how this world will be impacted when the entire Bible is available in thousands of languages.



Listed below are several projects that TBTA is currently working on, or was recently involved with:
The Kewa people of Papua New Guinea

Dr. Karl and Joice Franklin of Wycliffe Bible Translators

TBTA Inc. is currently working with Dr. Karl Franklin to help produce translations of several Old Testament books in the western dialect of a language called Kewa. Kewa is spoken in Papua New Guinea by approximately 100,000 people. Approximately 45,000 people speak the western dialect, another 45,000 people speak the eastern dialect, and 10,000 people speak the southern dialect. Dr. Franklin and his wife are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and they lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for 32 years. They and a team of mother-tongue translators completed a translation of the entire New Testament into West Kewa. Now Dr. Franklin and his wife live in the U.S., but he continues working with the Kewa translation team and TBTA in order to translate and publish the Old Testament in West Kewa.






The Nsenga people of Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique

Chris and Janine Pluger of Lutheran Bible Translators

TBTA Inc. is working with Chris and Janine to help produce initial draft translations of several biblical books in Nsenga. Nsenga is spoken by approximately two million people in south central Africa. There are many Nsenga Christians, but they have to read the Bible in their second or third language. Nsenga believers who don't speak another language have no access to the Bible at all. The Plugers presently live in Zambia, where they're learning the language and working with a mother-tongue translation team to produce a complete Nsenga Bible. Their goal is to help put God's Word into the hearts of all Nsenga people.










The North Tanna people of Vanuatu

Greg and Beth Ann Carlson of Wycliffe Bible Translators

TBTA Inc. is currently working with Greg and Beth Ann Carlson who are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They spent the last twenty years living in Vanuatu and working in a language called North Tanna. There are approximately 4,000 speakers of North Tanna, and they recently celebrated the completion of their New Testament translation. TBTA is now working with the Carlsons and the North Tanna translation committee to generate drafts of Genesis and several other Old Testament books.










The Southwest Tanna people of Vanuatu

Dr. Ken and Mendy Nehrbass of Wycliffe Bible Translators

TBTA Inc. is currently working with Ken and Mendy Nehrbass who are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They did field work on Tanna island from 2002 to 2012. They developed an alphabet for a language called Southwest Tanna, taught the people to read and write, and published educational and healthcare materials. They also translated the New Testament with a team of local church leaders. Approximately 5,000 people speak the Southwest Tanna language. Ken is now working with TBTA to translate parts of the Old Testament into Southwest Tanna.











The Whitesands people of Vanuatu

Greg and Beth Ann Carlson of Wycliffe Bible Translators

TBTA Inc. is currently working on a cluster project with three related languages spoken in Vanuatu: Whitesands, North Tanna, and Southwest Tanna. After Greg and Beth Ann completed the North Tanna New Testament in 2008, they began an adaptation into Whitesands, which is a closely related language spoken by almost 8,000 people. The Carlsons have completed the Whitesands New Testament translation, and it's scheduled to be released in 2014. TBTA Inc. is working with Greg in order to analyze the language and build a lexicon and grammar capable of generating initial drafts of several Old Testament books. After the Whitesands lexicon and grammar are well developed, they'll be used as a foundation for building lexicons and grammars for both North Tanna and Southwest Tanna. Our hope is that the work in North Tanna and Southwest Tanna will proceed very quickly because they're so similar to Whitesands.







An anonymous people group in Asia
An anonymous couple

TBTA Inc. is currently working with two field researchers in Asia who must remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of their work. These researchers are working in a language that has approximately five thousand speakers. They are working with mother-tongue speakers and TBTA Inc. in order to translate the entire Bible and many community development articles into this language.